The Compound of the Soil nails

 These following component parts are the main elements of the soil nail system:

 Soil nail reinforcement 

 – Steel galvanized bar which usually would have a highgrade 500N or equivalent strength capability, usually a galvanized steel, deformed bar.


 – PVC material which are fixed to the soil nail and ensure that soil nailis centered in the drill hole.

Grout tube

  – Use to transfer the cement grout from grouting machine to the bottomof soil nail.

 Steel Plate

  – A square shape steel plate which use to transfer the bearing from soilnail to the soil nail head.

 Steel uts

 – Used to fix the steel plate on the soil nail steel bar. Usually each soilnail contains 2 steel nuts to fix the position of steel 


 Soil nail head 

  – A square shape concrete structure which includes the steel plate,steel nuts, and soil nail head reinforcement. This part of structure provides the soilnail bearing strength, and transfers bearing loads from the soil mass to soil nail.

Introduce the Soil nail Construction Equipment

Some special equipment is using in soil nail construction. The following detailsdescribe the essential equipment involved in soil nail construction work.

Drilling rig is a machine which creates holes inthe slope. Most of them are powered bycompressed air. For soil nail purposes, thelength of drilling rig is about 2m maxlength .Therefore, it has a small size, easydelivery and the benefit of high level of mobility.

 Air compressor is a machine that providescompressed air to drilling rig for the power source. It also provides the air wash through thedrilling bit which spreads air pressure inside thehole to remove the soil debris.

Grouting machine is a machine that providesthe grout material and pump into soil nail drillhole. It contains two tanks, one is a mixing tank which used to mix the cement and water toform the liquid grout. The other one is a holdingtank which is used to store the grout frommixing tank and high pressure pump to holethrough grout tube.

Shotcrete machine is used to construct thesoil nail head. For some steep slope andhigh slope, traditional case in situ concretemethod is not suitable for concreting thesoil nail head. Therefore, Shotcrete is themost suitable in concreting soil nail work  because of its flexibility and mobility.