Rock anchors are either high strength bars or strand drilled and grouted into bedrock and/or soil in order to resist forces. Structures need anchors to counteract the uplift and other forces acting on foundations.

Sinorock's economical ground anchor systems have been used with exceptional results to:

Prevent uplift and overturning forces of walls, towers, and conveyors

Permanently stabilize buildings, dams, and bridges

Provide landslide control

Customers rely on our field experts for design assistance, anchor selection and geotechnical construction that meets -- and exceeds -- recommendations set by the Post Tensioning Institute (PTI) for prestressed rock and soil anchors. 

Capacities up to 500 Tons (1,000 kips)

Both bar and strand anchor materials available

Temporary and permanent applications include multiple corrosion protection for permanent anchors

Installed in all types of soil, over burden and rock conditions at any inclination

Steep embankment and high reach / extended elevation drilling

To ensure optimum performance, Sinorock conducts performance and proof testing on individual anchors using calibrated test jacks, gauges and load cells. 

The depth of our knowledge in geotechnical construction, together with the most advanced equipment, translates to successful specialty reinforcement system installation throughout North America.