In recent years, the self drilling anchor bolts play a more and more important role in the foundation support projects. The unconsolidated ground condition favors it for fast and simple method of installation compared to the traditional method. When it comes to the application of Sinorock® self drilling anchor bar in tunneling, the construction of tunnel and its broken and water surrounding rock has always been one of the important factors that affect the tunnel construction safety and schedule. To replace the advanced small pipe with self drilling anchor bar is one of the ways to ensure the safety of tunnel construction and schedule. 

Today Sinorock is working in every major underground mining around the worldwide and we are very proud to be able to say that the Sinorock is the number-one self drilling anchor bolt scaler in China, even though we are competing with the largest and most well-known brands in the mining market. 

 Sinorock has delivered millions of self drilling anchor bolts to the Nordic mining industry for safe and secure rock reinforcement. The self drilling anchor bolts designed and manufactured by Sinorock are a simple and economical means of rock reinforcement.