Self drilling rock bolt has played a crucial role in high slope of hydroelectric station. It has obvious features, such as single rock bolt has big tensile pulling force, great depth and small project amount, it is suitable for different geological conditions. Adopting self drilling rock bolt to construct project can control or reduce the occurrence of rock burst, enhance ability of anti-seismic and control deformation effectively.

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Up to now,Sinorock rock bolting systems have been exported to Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America,South America and widely used in tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction. In future,Sinorock aims to be a global brand in the field of geotechnical anchoring.All this time, Sinorock is devoting itself to providing one-stop rock anchoring solution, which is safe, efficient, energy-saving and environment friendly, for global geotechnical anchoring projects.