A common application of ground anchors for highway projects is for the construction of anchored walls used to stabilize excavations and slopes. These anchored walls consist of nongravity cantilevered walls with one or more levels of ground anchors.Although not a highway application, permanent rock anchor tiedowns may be used to stabilize concrete dams . Existing dams may require additional stabilization to meet current safetystandards with respect to maximum flood and earthquake requirements. Anchors provide additional resistance to overturning, sliding, and earthquake loadings.

Permanent ground anchors may be used to provide resistance to vertical uplift forces. Vertical uplift forces may be generated by hydrostatic or overturning forces. The method is used in underwater applications where the structure has insufficient dead weight to  counteract the hydrostatic uplift forces.

Over the past 5 years, fully threaded, high strength threaded bar and multi-strand anchor systems with corrosion protection have developed into the most accepted and highly reliable ground anchorages available. As the leading steel supplier in the United States’ foundation industry, Sinorock manufactures the most extensive selection of cold and hot rolled, high strength, fully threaded bars; available in both 75 ksi and 150 ksi steel grades.