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The Self drilling bolt system of Sinorock is recognized by most of engineers

Le 30 September 2017, 03:43 dans Humeurs 0

Self drilling bolts are used for civil work and grouting in softer rocks, especially the loose ground and sections prone to collapse. Self drilling bolt stabilises the slopes which are highly weathered or broken. Self drilling bolt can also be used for rock pinning and rock dowel applications where localized reinforcing of the rock face is required.Self drilling bolts are typically regarded as lightly loaded, full bonded installations, for low risk applications.

The Self drilling bolt system of Sinorock is recognized by most of engineers due to its excellent quality, delivery performance, innovative management and perfect service system.

It begins with parts carefully matched with our supply partner and inspected to meet to our customer’s application specification. 

Sinorock is a anchor bolt company of individuals dedicated to helping you build better products that last longer. Our manufacturing facilities comply with major international quality systems. We think you’ll find our engineering expertise, knowledge and product portfolio will always offer the best solution for your anchoring challenge.

For more than 5 years,Sinorock has been a professional anchor bolt manufacturer in the construction of roads and highways throughout the Western United States. These projects are often difficult to design, coordinate and build, which is why clients turn to Sinorock: our emphasis on quality, safety and innovation distinguishes us from our competitors and results in better projects for our clients and their users.Sinorock excels at complex road and highway projects, which often include complicated phasing, detailed traffic control, complex utility relocations, extensive public involvement, and a large scope to manage.

Extensive project experience, combined with our expertise in all contracting methods, means Sinorock can make civil and transportation projects successful, no matter the constraints. Our experience includes construction of roads and highways, bridges and interchanges, airports, hangars, rail facilities, and water treatment plants. Sinorock has also completed many underground construction projects such as water transmission and distribution lines, large fiber-optic communication installations, large and small sanitary sewer systems, and other underground utilities.

Various type of self drilling rock bolt for various application

Le 25 September 2017, 09:25 dans Humeurs 0

Rock burst is an instability issue in overstressed hard and strong rock. The goal of rock support in such conditions is to absorb the kinetic energy of the ejected rock. Energy-absorbing rock bolts should be used in burst prone rock masses. The higher the load-bearing capacity of the energy absorbing rock bolt is, the less the ejected rock displaces.

Various sizes of self drilling rock bolts from Sinorock can provided for you,Sinorock self drilling rock anchors are often used for excavation support, or as a part of permanent retaining walls, or to resist up-lift forces on foundations. Sinorock uses rock anchors to stabilize slopes and walls, provide tiebacks for bridges, stabilize dams, and secure caisson bottoms.

The causes of failure of an anchored rock slope are often difficult to characterize because imperfections in installation, corrosion protection, and workmanship on rock anchorage system may induce failure either individually or in combination. In this article, however,the corrosion of rock bolt is taken as the sole cause of possible failure of the anchored rock slope. As reported in the literature, some geotechnical engineering accidents were caused by performance degradation or failure of the anchorage system due to the corrosion effects.

Sinorock develops the duplex coating rock bolt for avoiding corrosion, there are two corrosion-prevention measurements on the bolt surface: epoxy coating and hot-dip galvanizing.

Epoxy coating: an epoxy resin coating material, which is acid-resisting and solidified at room temperature.Hot-dip galvanizing: a method that anchor bar gains metallic coating by immersing into molten galvanizing zinc.


Commercial and residential applications with Sinorock self drilling anchor system

Le 27 October 2016, 11:25 dans Humeurs 0

In the process of several years of development, the SDA bolt system we make are widely used in tunneling project, mining exploration, hydro engineering projects and other infrastructure construction etc. Many customers speak highly of our products and service. 

Now the customers of Sinorock are distributed all over the world. This is credible reputation for an SDA bolt supplier to some extent.

Sinorock has been the international leader in earth anchoring and the only company with a pre-engineered and manufactured self drilling anchor system evaluated and listed by all the national building code agencies. We use our system in both commercial and residential applications, as well as historical restorations projects, government projects, new construction (when structures are built on poor soil strata), and retaining wall tiebacks.

A majority of self drilling anchor system of Sinorock had positive effects on constructions includes mine,tunnel,foundation support project and anchoring performance over four years since established, echoing results from last year in a sample that is nearly three times as large.

Sinorock that deepen and accelerate the versatile ability of self drilling anchor by tailoring instruction to customer's needs, demands and interests about dedicated anchoring subject. Approaches that offer a variety of application of self drilling anchor experiences that prepare operations for suiting various kinds of complicated ground conditions.

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