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Sinorock self drilling rock anchor has increased progressively to cover the national markets

Le 24 septembre 2016, 11:24 dans Humeurs 0

Self drilling anchor is a kind of hollow anchor bolts, can be used as drill bar and also grouting pipe. Seriflux, going through hollow anchor bar and ejecting from drill bit, fills cracks and drill holes in surrounding stratum, which makes Self drilling anchor integrate with surrounding soil body and then haves reinforcement effect. So Self drilling anchor is a new supporting technology combining functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring together.

Self drilling anchor also has character of lengthening. So short anchor bar can use small drill machine at narrow environment. Without casing pipe, self drilling anchor is suitable for hole collapse stratum to reinforce existing structure. Nowadays, self drilling anchor is widely used in infrastructure projects, such as slope support of hydropower station and railway tunnel support.

Sinorock self drilling rock anchors adopted the advanced manufacturing process and procedures inproduction,ensuring high quality steels and tungsten carbides to guarantee the consistent highquality of the products since being ISO9001 accredited,through our many years of effort,wegradually developed independent development of various designs and manufacture of self drilling rock bolt toosand formed a perfect service & quality control system including tight quality control procedureand a complete after sale service teams.

Our production of self drilling rock anchor has increased progressively to cover the national markets due to the competitiveness level reached by our company after both the metal treatment technology innovation and the experience made in the field during these past

years.The updating of the production processes according to the quality assurance certification ISO 9001:2008, implemented since long time now, guarantees very high standards levels of our products.

Superior anchor bolt in Sinorock made for construction

Le 9 août 2016, 12:13 dans Humeurs 0

Superior anchor bolt in Sinorock, anchor bolt is beneficial for slope stabilization and also used for load transfer from soft strata to hard strata. As far as safety aspect concern it gives better results because of its stabilization and homogeneity between all rocks.

Sinorock strives to be quality anchor bolt manufacturer,Service, Quality and Competitive Pricing - The three vital steps that make the business world go around. We believe that with uncompromised service, high quality manufacturing, and competitive pricing,Metis will continue to retain our current customer base, along with gaining new customers around the world.

Our quality products and superior customer service have made Sinorock the supplier of choice to some of the most notable construction projects in the world.

We are involved in manufacturing and supplying with the help of huge experience of our experts for qualitative range of SDA bolt. These SDA bolts are made mostly used in mining, tunneling,under ground working environment, these SDA bolts are machine friendly which reduces the time of installation, our SDA bolts are compatible with resin type grouting or cement grouting with many optional accessories like dome plate, plain plate, conical washer, spherical seats, Couplers etc.

In SDA bolt area,Sinorock should be trusted.

Sinorock is the next king in self drilling anchor manufacturing

Le 6 août 2016, 11:33 dans Humeurs 0

Sinorock 's anchoring systems are widely used in recent years.

The ductility and shear bond are obviously better than ever.

 Besides Williams and Titan, ARCO supplies another self-drilling anchor with super high strength.

Its R32 termic self drilling rods provide over 1100 Mpa tensile strength and over 900 Mpa yield stress.

That means contractors can use smaller anchors to achieve the design value. Cost is saved a lot.

 When Atlas sold self drilling anchors business to Minova (now belongs to Orica) in 2011, the next king in the iron throne had changed to DSI. Baratheon in the construction and underground industry.

 Now, the market of self-drilling anchor is increasing. Each company has its own influence region.

Eastern Power is unpredictable: here Sinorock has the advantages of low cost, and technics are in progress.

Sinorock self-drilling anchor hollow bars have good ductility and high strength.

The story of self-drilling anchor is far away to be ended.

The drilling and reinforcing in soil and rock won't stop.

Who can be the next anchoring king?

Sinorock  SDA hollow-bars overcome these limitations and make the installation faster and more efficient with their one-step process. The bar is drilled into the ground and cement grout is injected through the hollow rod in one operation. During drilling, the grout stabilizes the borehole to prevent it collapsing. Once installed to the required length and after full hardening, the grout transfers the load from the bar into the surrounding soil. The simultaneous grouting ensures full and uniform coverage of grout along the full length of micropile. Extension couplings provides lengthening of the micropiles and the bearing capacity of the connection remains the same as of the bars.

Comparatively small-scale drilling equipment can be used to install the SDA bars as micropiles in tight spaces or with limited headroom. With little vibration or noise, the drilling process itself causes minimal stress on the surrounding structures.

In diverse ground conditions, from gravel, sand, or clay, or on sites with insufficient structural integrity, the Sinorock SDA self-drilling bars as micropiles are versatile in their application, quick and reliable in their installation, and compatible with conventional drilling equipment. Once installed, they are an effective means of preventing settlement and helping to increase soil stability.

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